• River rise and river fall
    And splashes on the brink
    Valley low and mountain tall
    Break the chain link by link
    Carve the dells and brimming wells
    Tears of rain bring death and pain
    Calm the wake
    Calm the wake…

    Rivulets trickle into sewer deep
    Bathe the pendulum in blood
    The wicked cry in waking sleep
    As they drown in the flood
    Pick the fields grain by grain
    Purge the deeps of the brain
    The earth quakes
    The earth quakes…

    The judge sits on his risen throne
    The gavel hammers justice beat
    Water breaks on ancient stone
    Yet withers with the heat
    You must abstain from the pain
    That flows from the broken main
    Your mind breaks
    Your mind breaks...