• The light
    The source of life
    The hope to live

    The dark
    The source of death
    The end of hope

    Born in light
    But lost so easily
    Begging us to live again

    Ever-consuming darkness
    Each victim lost in torment
    Ever reaching, ever searching


    Darkness surrounds me
    Death looms above
    Desperation takes hold

    The light out of sight
    Thriving far away
    Trickling overhead

    The darkness suffocates
    Teasing with a glimpse of light
    Toying with the promise of escape

    Light less daunting
    Lingering memories bring guilt
    Loved ones grieving

    Source of despair
    Sickening emotions cloud my mind
    Silence brings eternal peace

    Fianlly reacting to my cries
    Forgiving my past, welcoming me once again
    Filling me with the once lost hope

    Extending an ominous hand
    Evasion is impossible
    Eagerly the darkness awaits my return

    Constant struggle for control
    Crippling fear of the dark
    Craving peace once more

    The vicious cycle unending
    To barely be controlled by those who care
    Taking bits of my life with every descent