• In the world of Golden Glades,
    A world that can catch your eye,
    A place that seems like paradise,
    A place that you would never want to leave,
    The fields are like green evretrees,
    The skys are like a hypnosis in the sky of royal blue,
    Cloudless everyday and anger is like a pinch of salt in a salad,
    In the Grotto of love lies many people who love eachother and will live there,
    It is a great world.

    But on the other side of the realm lies the realm of death called Forbiddon Grotto,
    A world that is lived and controlled by death and demorilizing things,
    As the wraiths and ghosts come to kill you and eat your soul,
    At the same time trying to hide from being hunted by trolls and ogres,
    Not to mention the undead zombies trying to eat you,
    The ground is covered in guts and many terrorizing orgins and dead branches,
    The sky all red like blood and the clouds are black and grey,
    The vampires will suck your blood untill your nothing except skin and bones.

    But . . . . . . . it is only all an illsion, or a dream people say.