• She was the girl that nobody wanted,
    Her life was thrown away,
    The world bid her good riddance,
    She did the world a favor that day,
    When she took her life away.

    It felt so good, floating off into the abyss,
    Nothing to worry about, no pressure,
    She knew she would not even be judged,
    No, the girl was not even worthy of that.

    Nothing good ever came from her,
    Because no good was ever put toward her,
    Everyone was cruel and harsh and mean,
    Such a lovely flower,
    Only to be defiled in such a very human way,
    To be human is to be flawed.

    That is why, she would put herself in some awkward way,
    Above the land of humans and all the rest,
    To rediscover the nature of trash,
    The filth that hides within the human heart.

    She is in some ways above the humans,
    And does her job as trash, as only trash can do,
    She is slime, she is filth, she is everything we are not,
    And yet perhaps that is better.

    By not being alive, the trash cannot be flawed,
    For now she rests in her solemn, undisturbed grave,
    A testament to the undying, eternal cruelty of the human race,
    She was un-cared for, uncherished,
    And yet loved by so so many...

    There is nothing that can be done,
    She is gone, a delicate flower wilted away by the sun,
    And for those who would have given her a chance,
    There comes none now.

    O is the fate of this world to be so cruel,
    As to allow such splendid, wonderful garbage to die,
    She is perfect now, sleeping as an angel,
    Even in death, she is better than any of them,
    The slaves to their own humanity.