• At first
    It was just an option
    There's no other way
    I've lost control
    Have become weak
    The monster in my mind
    Won't let me go
    Pressured to be better
    To be like the perfection
    I constantly see
    Why isn't that me
    I've tortured myself
    For so long
    But I'm not perfect
    I'm sick
    Slowly killing myself
    I want to stop
    But I can't
    The voice in my mind
    Is too taunting
    Too strong
    I know what I do is wrong
    But I can't quit
    Not now
    And you
    You have never suspected
    Never thought
    I could do this
    Would do this
    My strong charade
    Made it so you couldn't see
    All the hurts
    Inflicted by me
    I have you believing
    That I'm the rock
    That will never crumble
    But it's only an illusion
    That I put up every day
    Now I'm scared
    I've taken it too far
    Someone please help
    For I can no longer
    Help myself
    Help me
    Before I'm lost
    To my needs
    To my wants
    To all the impossibilities
    Help me
    Before I can no longer
    Be pulled from the abyss