• Everytime I do something
    And try my very best
    I never think that I am
    Will be hated

    Oh, what's my fault?
    I never hurt my friends' heart
    But why did they betrayed me?

    When I was just a kid
    There was no time
    I think I just made
    Everybody hated me

    Oh God please help me
    Can I face this life?
    Can I face more difficultness
    From now on?

    I knew that I don't have
    A place to cry out
    And scream to the God
    But, why?
    My heart is wounded!!!

    I knew that when I was younger
    I made some mistakes!
    But I believe that

    But my heart starts to changed
    And I've grown become
    A strong girl
    I know, you know, everybody know
    Failure doesn't mean my life's broken!

    So, my friends and everyone
    Listen it!
    Listen my heart!
    My heart's scream!
    Why LIFE is difficult?
    I need somebody

    Somebody, oh-oh
    Please stay in front me!
    In my side and
    Support me, oh-yeah!
    Oh yeah

    When I think that Life is boring
    A hand erased my tears
    But my eyes can't see well!
    Could it be you?
    Oh yeah, oh yeah!

    I knew that~!
    You can make my life fun!
    So, please, from now on
    Don't leave me alone!
    I knew that my life will be broken!

    Will not be...
    That boring if I
    ALways stay beside you
    Oh, wait!

    After this moment
    Please, could you stay with me
    And always become my true friends!

    Thank you
    For you who always stay beside me
    My life is better because of you!
    We'll meet again, right?
    And make sure this is a funny life
    Because life will make us
    Meet again and laugh again!!