• So comfortable and yet so small,
    It hugs you and at the same time it just lets you fall.
    At times its too small or far too god damn tall,
    And others its just too big to put in your tiny hall.
    (...way that is)

    Sometimes you wanna curl up in it,
    And sometimes just throw a big fit,
    because you cant believe what you just freakin' did,
    You turned around just a bit too fast and rammed your face right in it.
    (...or on it whichever you prefer)

    Now you wanna kick it in the face but realized one thing,
    "It really only has a body so maybe thats where i should aim?"
    But when you hit it you are met with metal and just a bit of shame,
    Because this isnt like your ex-boyfriend no its just so not the same.
    (...unless you weigh them...hmm)

    Many laughs are thrown your way and u feel so damn embarrased,
    because all of your attacks just happen to be in vain.
    And you wish that theyd stop laughing, but then again you'd do the same,
    and you think your leg is broken and you might just need a cane.
    (...holy s**t thats badass)

    Now you wanna cuss them out but all that will come out is ouch,
    And all you wanna do is get the hell out of the damn house.
    Then you freak out cuz you dont know what youve touched,
    And then you realized..."theres jelly underneath the couch..."
    (...somehow we dont think thats jelly...Eww...)