• Am i pathetic
    am i a mystery
    do i hold so many secrets
    or am i just a fool
    all i want to do is cry
    do people fear me
    or do they respect me
    or is it neither
    should i be afraid
    or should i just hold on just a lil longer
    all i want to do is cry
    Do they feel like i hold them in the palm of my hands
    or do they feel the complete opposite
    do i have control over all that i stand above
    or do i have no control cause i stand over nothing
    do i have peace
    isnt it all i want
    just to forgive
    isnt it all i want
    just to be happy
    or am i still asking for to much
    all i want to do is cry
    do i feel pain
    or does pain have a hunger for me
    isnt it ok to try because in the end its good to say that you did
    but why is it when you fail everyone questions why you tried
    why does everyone question the things that dont matter
    when the things that dont matter always seem dumb when its over
    when the answer is right, and hell is left
    we look left when we lie
    we fall and tilt our head left when we die
    we never seem to understand, when we look down to the left
    ive tried
    ive tried
    ive tried to cry
    but now i understand why my one wing is on my leftside
    my demons reside
    to take all my pride
    my shame
    and let it outburst like flames
    but all i want to do is cry
    i dont care for the answers they dont mean much to me
    honestly i dnt care to be direct
    i dont care about music
    nor stones of any sort
    i dont care for bullshit about money
    i dont care for lust
    or any of the rest
    all i care about is justice
    thats all ill shed a tear for
    so in regards to everything else
    everybody look to the right for hope
    i dont care for anything else
    all i want.....
    is for ya'll to cry for me
    shed the millions of tears that i held back for so long
    just cry for me