• Angrish, despair, hope for tomorrow.
    That's what went through her mind during her last few hours of sorrow.
    Next to her, was her last resort to end her sadness,
    A 12 foot pool filled with her collection of salty wetness.
    She finally decided what to do.
    Yet her choice was one she thought she'd never have to use.
    She walked onto the edge of the diving board stand tall,
    Knowing what'd happen when into the pool she'd fall.
    At the edge of the board she deeply sighed,
    Jumped into her tears and fadding into her own tears, she died.

    Nobody but I knows that she didn't care if she died,
    Because before she died, she had already died inside.
    She was hurt by those she called friends
    And that's where the all her joy died.

    The day after her death, her best friend came up to me and said
    "Hey have you seen Angel? I haven't seen her all day."
    I replied "You're too late. Angel died yesterday.
    She left me a note to give to you.
    It's probably full of the pain that she felt and there's something inside the note too."
    She read the note. Then allowed it to fall out of her hands.

    I think she finally learned the meaning that has a powerful bond
    To the saying 'You don't know what you got, untill it's gone.'

    I picked up the note and was shocked
    By how that note had possibly shot a bullet at Isabella's heart.

    The note was full of rage and pain.
    I bet Angel just before she died and Isabella right now feel the same.

    I noticed a necklace attached to the note. Yet I only know what the necklace really meant.

    The necklace wasn't Angel's way of telling Isabella goodby,
    It was what Angel wore on the day that she did die.

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