• I walk this burning wasteland.
    The ungodly stench fills the air.
    Smoke plumes rise from burning carcases.
    The gray snow covers the ground.
    The sun has disappeared behind the clouds.
    I walk this apocolypitc wasteland.
    No life.
    No breath.
    None but my own.
    I am lost.
    I am alone.
    I can't turn back.
    I can't reverse what I've already done.
    I let the world like to me.
    Let me think that life could carry on so perfectly.
    But I made a mistake.
    I believed the lie.
    And I have been broken.
    My visions....My hopes....My dreams....
    My heart.
    And I cannot make it end.
    I must continue to walk through this wasteland.
    And I cannot turn back.
    How much farther do I have to go,
    Until my final step is taken?