• Voices
    I hear you at night
    I see you in my head
    I hear you calling me
    Because I heard voices

    I saw you last night
    In my dreams and I followed you
    Deep into the dark of night
    Because I heard voices

    I am not crazy
    Nor am I sane
    I fell in love with you
    Because I heard voices

    I heard you today
    As I was walking to him
    I saw your image in class
    Because I heard voices

    I saw you yesterday
    As I walked to my friend
    we saw your image in front of us
    Because we heard voices

    We heard you tonight
    We saw you as well
    He was scared to follow
    But I heard your voice

    Your voice called to me and I followed you
    You led the way to the depths of hell
    I was scared but I continued to be controlled by you
    Because…I heard voices coming from you

    Voices II
    “Back from hell I see.” He once said
    The one who called to me
    From far away, I only heard his voice
    Up close, all I saw was his face

    No longer do I see his face
    But I still hear voices
    All around me, I feel the presence
    Of lost souls left to die alone

    “Gone, but not forgotten”
    Was the line left upon my tombstone
    I was left behind to die behind closed doors
    Six feet under the frozen ground

    Another night now gone
    Taken from my once warm hands
    Turned into a vampire
    By a voice in my head

    Never will my life be known again
    The voices in my head control all my assets
    As I follow their orders
    My life is no longer real

    In my mind, I do not control
    The voices take over and I can’t escape
    The voices I still hear, are not intending on leaving
    The voices are planning a scheme to over throw me

    Now that he’s bleeding
    He’s staring at the ceiling
    At a mirror that has its curtain drawn
    And he can’t make it all go away

    As the voices now fade away
    I feel like I am now free
    I no longer hear voices
    Everything is as it once seemed.