• I'm standing on the outside,
    Stuck on the rim,
    With no way of getting in.
    I watch the world,
    And it's condition gets worse and worse.
    With each passing day,
    The economy struggles,
    The people get greedier.
    The ones that can't make the payments are dying.

    Everyone is dying.
    Everything is falling.
    And there is nothing I can do,
    But sit and watch it all happen.
    I can't get in,
    I can't scream at everyone to stop the foolishness,
    They won't hear.
    They won't see.
    They won't feel.
    They won't smell it.
    They don't even know what's going on.
    Too stuck up in themselves.
    Is this really all that we have left of ourselves?
    Is this really all we have become?

    Is this all just too broken to be fixed?