• The way you drew
    The way you spoke
    You always gave everyone great jokes

    Your carefree nature
    Your free spirit
    The happiness that you spread

    The day you died
    I did not cry
    It felt so surreal
    It couldn't be real

    It was hard to believe
    Someone with so much to offer
    Was gone...

    Gone forever

    I went to the visitation
    I stood in that line
    As I drew closer
    I saw your face
    So still and unreal
    I just knew it was real

    Your time was up
    Taken from all your dreams
    Your light burnt out
    Yet soul so very free

    The inspiration you gave to me
    Meant more than you know
    I envied your artistic talent
    You made me want more

    From this day forth
    I'm going to take pride in my life
    Your death alone
    Showed me the way
    Helped me understand
    The small things in life

    Forever and always
    You are
    A shinning star

    Rest In Peace, Ryan David Kruse
    February 25, 1987 - October 28, 2005