• Why oh why do I have to love you
    even after you tear me apart
    as I try to sew my heart back together I ask myself
    why oh why can I not have a heart of stone

    I'd give anything to be with you
    I would even sell my soul
    I would do anything for you
    If you let me be your girl

    I wake up extra early
    to look perfect for you
    yet you still look away from me
    to the girls across the room

    I know i'm not the prettiest
    fish in the sea
    But I know I am the kindest
    and I do treat you nicely

    when are you going to learn
    that looks dont matter
    So what if I have a short neck
    its whats inside that really matters

    I know by the time you learn this
    I will be gone
    I know I will find the one who
    will love me forever

    so by then I hope you will realize
    what a jerk you had been
    I could and would have been your girl
    but by the it will be too late