• There are some days,
    When I just want to cry.
    Then there are those days,
    That I say I want to die.

    I’ve learned now,
    That I shouldn’t always be sad.
    I need to live in the moment,
    And be glad.

    If I get pushed down,
    It’s ok.
    If I get punched,
    It’s fine, because I say.

    Each little pain,
    Is another lesson learned.
    And each time I’ll get stronger,
    And stronger.

    And maybe if I hear something,
    That I just don’t want to hear.
    I’ll listen to it,
    And hopefully, I learn something good.

    And if there is a storm,
    I’ll just look on the bright side and say.
    At least the sun will,
    Come out later today.