• i sit in the dark
    waiting for you
    you said you would come
    was that true?

    you've left me here
    all alone
    i felt in my pocket
    my mobile phone

    i called you on your mobile
    you said "who is it?"
    i asked you where you were
    but you had a fit

    i rushed to your house
    and asked your parents where you went
    they said the hospital
    you had a fit on the pavement

    i rushed to the hospital
    i asked for your room
    i went in a saw you
    you were staring at the moon

    i said "you ok?"
    and you turned around
    you stared at me and smiled
    then fell to the ground

    i called for help
    doctors rushed in
    he is dying, they said
    will death win?

    i went in
    and held your hand
    you looked at me and smiled
    you sat up but could not stand

    "i love you" you managed to say
    "i love you too" i said
    i kept helding your hand
    you layed down in the bed

    your eyes then shut
    the machine was fried
    because at that moment
    you had just died.