• Ah, revenge, revenge. Don't make me laugh.
    You tickle my throat as you string the gaff.
    A tug at my clothes and a taunting breath
    Is the only warning that nothing's left
    You can't blame me, right? I did not know
    That your coy touches were all a show.
    Call me a fool. Call me what you will.
    But revenge, revenge I love you still.

    I smiled bright even as you swung
    the silver gaff that pierced my lung
    Ignorance and a naive mind
    Kept me thinking, you were kind.
    My face fell once and only as
    I coughed right out my final gasp.
    The terror that my face befell...
    Revenge, revenge, you know me well.

    Ah, revenge revenge. Don't make me laugh
    My lungs are hurt and will not last.
    The way you bring back memories
    Will make me giggle endlessly.
    "Let's play a game," you used to say,
    "In the night. Tonight, we'll play."
    "What game, what game?" a voice, eagerly.
    "Just come tonight And then you'll see."

    It was a lure much like that on a hook.
    A trick that I readily mistook.
    And like a fish I was cut
    But not through the mouth. No, through the gut.
    Ah, I must say that the pain
    Is not something I want to feel again.
    Yet no matter how many times I pray
    I cannot wish this pain away.

    But here I hang, cough, and spit
    Hanging from a spineless bit
    Of an oak wood center branch
    Stuck in eternal remembrance.
    Ah, revenge revenge I must believe
    in remembering what you did to me
    If I no longer think or see
    it will be no more than a memory.