• The Kiss
    ⓒ2008 Noah Vale

    The kiss that you gave me
    With lips soft and sweet
    Gave birth to a shiver
    From my head to my feet
    The look in your eyes
    Shook me to my core
    I kissed you again
    But that made me want more
    So I held you to me
    And I stole one more kiss
    But I couldn’t stop there
    You'd shown my heart bliss
    I wanted another
    Or maybe even two
    In fact, I didn’t want to
    Stop kissing you
    I doubt that I could've
    It felt so right
    Lying there kissing
    Deep into the night
    Now its the morning
    You’re soundly asleep
    But the sight of your lips
    Still makes my heart leap
    I leave a kiss on your cheek
    As soft as a dove
    Until you awaken
    My beauty, my love