• Love is a boy-girl game,
    In which the boy and the girl feel the same.

    You only have to bet, then worry about winning or losing...
    So what harm can it possibly bring?

    For those who haven't played yet, the answer will be, "Nothing."

    The rule of this game is so simple and plain.
    It's just about who can endure the most pain.

    So whether it shines or rains,
    In the game you must remain.

    I've played this game called "Love" and sadly, I lost.
    And have you ANY idea what it cost?

    Since I lost the bet, I lost my heart.
    It was as if I was being torn apart!

    I nearly lost all of my sanity;
    In me was a living hell and calamity!

    And it was all because of the pain I couldn't handle;
    The pain which burned inside of me like a candle.

    So, be good and heed my advice!
    Loving someone is just like loving a bunch of lies.
    Soon, that "warmth of love" will quickly turn to ice.

    It will bring you nowhere!!
    Just suffering and burden to bear!

    And you'll end up exactly like me...
    Sad, heartbroken and lonely...