• I loved you because
    I thought you loved me.
    But I guess I was too naïve to see
    you weren’t made for me.

    I told you that I loved you
    because I cared.
    Never because I
    was dared.

    You didn’t have to
    Tell me that way.
    Cuz now I think of you
    and it hurts me everyday.

    You swore we would
    be forever.
    I was naïve to believe it
    and I should’ve known better.

    You showed me courage
    and how to be strong.
    I never thought that
    you would treat me wrong.

    I thought you were my Superman
    and I was your Lois Lane.
    Guess I was too naïve and never knew
    you would give me pain.

    Our little show
    is over now.
    So go ahead
    and take a bow.

    And it’s ok,
    it’s quite alright.
    That’s why you’ll be
    alone tonight.

    Two years have passed
    and you were dropped by your girlfriend.
    Now I bet you want me
    to be your woman.

    I know what you used
    to think of me.
    Because I believed you,
    you think I’m naïve.

    But when you see my
    new changes, you won’t believe
    that I was the one
    who was being naïve.