• Hypnotize me, but leave me where I am,
    Don't take me away to a faraway land,
    My mind wants to wander, but my body does not,
    So take what you will, but leave what you lust.

    You have no willpower, none that I can trust
    to leave me alive or let me go,
    your hold, once found, never returns to solid ground,
    it stays on my flesh, festering like pus.

    So let me use you, consume you,
    give my eyes a feast,
    don't pretend to be shy, for you are a beast,
    whose mind is as evil as the ninth level of Hell.

    Spare me the drama, spare me the pain,
    all I want from you today is to tame
    my wildfire thoughts and windy hollow spaces,
    so for a time I can find that numb spot,

    Where faeries go and nymph children play
    in a world that is one big fat haze,
    I want to escape reality's maze,
    so just for a time, Hypnotize me...