• I've been walking in a trance since you left me here.
    I tried to bury your memory, too
    beside you in that shallow grave they put you in,
    in a small pine box.

    But that box wasn't big enough to hold you in,
    to hold the memory I had of you,
    to hold the way I felt,
    and keep it buried.

    You know how much this hurts me?
    being able to only wonder
    at what you're doing wherever you are,
    a painful way to think of the one you love

    I held you dear to my heart,
    and didn't want to see you stray
    too far away from me,
    but it seems fate didn't want us together, did he?

    and i cannot control the bitter pills of fate,
    cannot change the hand i've been dealt
    cannot rewrite the ending to our story
    as it should have been written

    so i think i'll wait
    for the end
    for my escape
    for my way back to you