• Pain
    Pain over here pain over there
    Pain in my heart pain in my soul
    Pain in my mind
    Pain in my skin pain in my bones

    Pain being caused left and right
    Pain being caused till the heart bleeds red
    Pain being caused till the skin and bone rip
    Pain being caused till you break into tears

    Pain at school
    Pain at home
    Pain in my head, pain in my heart
    Pain in my mind, pain in my soul

    Pain happening in my sleep
    Pain happening in my thoughts
    Pain happening when I’m alone
    Pain happening in the shower, in my room, in my bed, in my house where I’m all alone
    Pain happening every hour, every minute, every second of my life

    Pain caused by anger and hate
    Pain caused by hurt
    Pain caused by greed
    Pain caused by sorrow and depression
    Pain caused by grief and confusion

    Pain caused by your family and friends
    Pain caused by the world
    Pain caused by people you love

    Pain driving me crazy
    Causing me to take pills till it fills up my veins
    I go to sleep never to wake up and see that light
    The light that will end my pain for good