• Take a dive into my soul, close your eyes
    stay in the middle don't touch the sides!
    I'll be your guide
    my voice your vision
    drown not in the deepness
    of the pool you swim in
    only doused in the wake
    of the pain in my heart
    special that you are
    to have come this far
    might you sink
    in the blood
    of my past failure
    my secrets can't escape
    turn back-
    impale ya
    swim through my darkness
    my pain will refine you
    heal you
    if only you survive
    as you dive
    so deep in a pool full of razors
    the blood leaks slow
    but the pain will amaze you
    though the pain that I've felt
    only grazes you
    torrent of my soul
    deluge in my fears
    only the meanest creatures
    swim the waters in here
    from a child to a man
    every thought that I had
    your mind will understand...
    or drive you mad
    death is your savior
    here lies your soul
    in my pool full of razors.