• It's getting to the point where I'm scared to see you again. I'm scared that you will turn your back walk away forever. It's getting to the point where everything I say and do make me think of you. It's getting to the point where this disease is spreading quicker and quicker every day. And the more want to end this.

    Something is making me hold on for dear life. Something is making me want you more an more every second. Maybe I am insane. Maybe there is something wrong with me for loving someone so much. For willing to walk every square inch of this earth just to find you.

    Is there something wrong with me? Please dear tell me have I gone mad? Of course you wouldn't notice I'm all too good at hiding my emotions. And that is what got me into this trap in the first place.

    Would you lift as much as a finger to see my face? Would you reconize me after all this time? I hope you havent changed my angel. You chouldn't get anymore perfect, but is that really the truth? Am I just looking through pink seeing a perfect world?

    Maybe, but as long as your in my world I'm happy.