• Tears that fall like rain,
    Lies run like truth.
    Hear me scream in pain.
    Lisen to my words,
    As they fall on you.
    Lisen to this song,
    As it speaks the truth.
    Lisen to this hate.
    Lisen to your pain.
    Just lisen to my words.
    Lisen to my words.
    The word you use so lightly.
    Will run thorw like pain.
    Killing every cell in my brain.
    Tears that fall like rain fall on my face.
    Here is goes agin.
    Here comes the pain.
    Make it all go away.
    Stop saying that word.
    You use so lightly.
    Know watch me run away.
    Becase of all this pain.
    You never mean a word.
    Just make it go away.
    This is my last breath.
    Before I make it go away.
    I put the gun to my head,
    And make it all go away.
    I will put it to my head.
    I will never scream in pain.
    Now that I put it to my head.
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