• Stars
    White glitter
    In the black still water
    A mirror
    Soft whispers
    Traveling on the slight breeze
    Reaching my ears
    Sticking in my head
    My legs move
    I began walking toward
    The center of the lake
    My mind calm
    In a trance
    Broken abruptly
    By a sudden stop
    Replaced with panic
    As my body is dragged under
    By an unknown force
    An invisible hand
    Pulling me deeper
    As water fills my lungs
    Like wine fills a glass
    The water dark
    Black as a panther's fur
    The night sky the only visible image
    The sparkling stars and full moon
    Woven into a black blanket
    Their light bouncing off the unmoving surface
    Unable to penetrate the force field it creates
    Preventing me from witnessing
    The hidden horrors of the lake
    And as I drift deeper
    No longer pulled swiftly into its depths by the unknown entity
    My lungs blaze as though scorched by Hell's flame
    My mind slips away from lack of oxygen
    I raise my arms gently
    The illusion of hands
    Forming from the stars
    Reaching toward mine
    Saving me from becoming another secret
    Hidden under a veil of liquid darkness
    A delusional hope shattered by reality
    The hallucination
    Distorted and blurred
    By black blotches destroying my vision
    As Death's hands
    Cold as 1000 corpses
    Grasps my body
    Condemning me to eternal slumber
    In this watery grave