• He kneels in the battlefield surrounded by corpses
    all around him, he sees nothing but dead soldiers and fallen horses
    tears spring from his eyes, he cries out in rage
    feeling like a small bird trapped in death's infinitive cage
    his body thirsts for rest, but his soul will not relent
    so again he sets out on a journey to find his hearts's content
    to a place where cherry blossoms bloom
    and his life is not crowded by gloom
    to a place where he will see his lost love soon

    Awakening from a deep dark slumber
    she gathers her thoughts, for they are asunder
    the dreams she had were of the most terrible event
    her love's screaming agony, unable to find his heart's content
    though her body is worn and raveged with sickness
    and all of her caregivers see it as wreckless
    she makes her way slowly to their promise tree
    where she lowers herself down to her knees
    waiting for her long, lost love to at last be free

    The journey he has made, has taken its toll
    the onlypower he draws from is his soul alone
    slowly he journeys to his destiend location
    to that fateful tree where he made that proclamation
    he climbs a hill and into his sight
    stands that tree with all blossoms in flight
    he sees her there sitting in wait
    his soul and his body begin to quake
    now each step, massiave effort each takes...

    She sees him draw near, her dear
    at last her darling draws near
    in every step he comes closer she quietly thanks destiny's composer
    she begins to stand as if in greeting
    he still walks on as if expecting this meeting
    he stops in front of her and smiles
    "every second without you has truly been vile..."
    as tears reach her eyes, she begins to cry
    she knows that in his words there are no lies

    He starts to fall forward, and she catches him in bound
    silently they lower each other to the ground
    "I missed you my love.." she said quietly
    "As I have you..." he said silently
    she lowers her lips unto his own
    they kiss each other with all the passion they could have shown
    he looks up upon his heavenly dove
    "Do you remember when we confessed our love?"
    she smiles and nods her head in recognition
    "Back then my love, we were not in suchterrible condition.."
    "I mean it now more than ever..."
    Both<"I love you my darling, now and forever"

    Their hearts grew still and breaths grew faint
    they were swallowed by the love that each other embraced
    even in darkness, their love shined on
    it was still there
    even when all of the cherry blossoms were gone
    now with registration complete, all is set
    they are now members, of "The Ill-Fated Lover's Quartet"