• according to legend
    if you disobey
    the rules of the boneyard
    you'll be forced to pay
    whether its your life or your soul
    you must choose one
    i hope you know
    there is no place to run
    if you try to leave
    and try escaping fate
    you'll be chased down
    by something you'll hate
    there is no outrunning
    this demon of bone
    he'll stop you in an instant
    and grab a blade of his own
    he loves to make you
    cry with fear
    if you yell
    no one will hear
    your death wont be swift
    i can guarantee
    it will be painful
    just wait and see
    your life will flash
    in front of your eyes
    before you meet
    your demise
    you should have seen
    this horror comming
    before you started
    ignoring and humming
    when you saw
    the tablet of rules
    disobeying them
    might make you amused
    i hope your happy now
    i hope your satisfied
    because there is no fixing
    your life of lies
    the only item
    this demon uses
    is his sword
    when he chooses
    he will use his sword
    to cut you apart
    there is no fixing
    his evil heart
    he will hold you down
    in a bloody ocean
    to permanently end
    your annoying comotion
    the people that try
    to prove this un-true
    are the people that end up
    meeting their doom
    the number of victims
    have'nt been counted
    when will they learn
    the boneyard is haunted
    the story is ending
    so very fast
    but there is one more question
    i must ask
    when you read the tablet
    next to the fences
    did you bother to think
    about the consequences
    if you didnt
    i dont feel bad
    a successful life
    is what you could've had
    but instead you had
    to ruin it
    it didnt take much
    just a little bit
    now your life
    is over friend
    but this legend
    will never end