• Vampires stood on the hill,
    Van-helsing stood down below,
    Van-helsing was angry and ready to kill,
    he pulled out his gun and shot them row by row.

    With an evil mimic vamp to vamp,
    Helsing growing steadily weary.
    Each Vamp was suspected to be camp,
    an Helsing came with this query.

    This caused commotion,
    Angry and confused they grew.
    So, they went to the shoppe and bought 'battle lotion'
    This made them strong with each gulp of the mighty brew.

    Helsing grew scared,
    'Cus strong they'd grown,
    He watched the vamps as they paired.
    They looked at him an hit his head stone to stone.

    With one quite cry,
    an a quick tear,
    helsing was ready to die.
    the vamps went round the back an had him up the rear.