• look at you now
    sittin all alone,
    cryin as you
    hold on to the phone.

    you have no one
    you let down your dreams,
    now theres no one
    who can hear your screams.

    look at you now
    you could've been a rokstar,
    but you let go
    now no one knows who you are.

    your broken dreams
    a story to tell,
    still no heaven
    so condemned to hell.

    in this cold world
    no one there to care,
    no one to have
    your scarred life to share.

    look at you now
    with your broken dreams,
    and still theres hope
    deep down in your seams.

    theres hope to find
    love you gave away,
    'couse you listened
    to what they would say.

    but now they have
    all gone and left you,
    you ask yourself
    what did you ever do.

    you listened to them
    you followed the crowd,
    you never listened
    to the voice so loud.

    your own that said
    keep your love n be a rokstar,
    but look at you now
    becouse no one knows who u are.