• Emotional Breakdown

    This is my emotional breakdown
    My mind is spinning with the thoughts in my head
    It's so hard to breathe

    I can feel my heart beating through my chest
    My mind is telling me one thing
    And my heart another

    So much confusion and pain
    It's slowly tearing me apart
    How much more can I take?

    Always crying myself to sleep
    One thought after another
    It never ends
    A moment of silence is all I ask for

    What do I do?
    Terrified of moving forward
    As well as keeping still

    Going crazy
    Losing control
    How much can I take?

    Being a new me
    A voiceless robot
    Emotionless blank stares
    I have no purpose
    Just a soul trapped in hell

    Help me escape
    Help me be free
    I beg of you
    Help me be me again

    Looking back to the times of happiness
    Wondering how I lost it all
    Waking up one morning
    And realizing it had vanished

    All of my goals and aspirations seem pointless
    What's the use?
    It'll never happen anyway

    A word I long for
    But alas, the closer I get, the farther away it seems

    Four words that describe my life

    Four words for it all to end

    I'm hopeless
    An unworthy cause
    Please get away while you can
    Before my sorrow sucks you in
    And you can never get out.