• Warning - This is my original poem. If anyone steals this piece of writing and claims it as your own, I will report you. That is all...

    Lorelei Yeager

    The youthful river lashes its channels
    as the paper lantern dips
    near the grassy bank.
    This pale light will be your sinking ship;
    a guide to Enma's domain.

    Striking the match,
    a rush of heat
    licks the tips of my calloused fingers.
    My fingernails, once rosy
    now scald to a bright shade of red.

    While the flame burns,
    I smell the acrid smoke,
    the tide of memories moves my hands.
    There they find my silver heart;
    an engraving from the reception hall
    where you and papa once danced.

    I can almost see the day of your wedding,
    the silk of the dress
    with the lace of the veil.
    How happy the both of you looked
    after the kiss
    wearing mama's red-brown lipstick smile.

    Those memories fade to the background
    before the warm-colored gradient
    fills the sky.
    The sight of it leaves me speechless;
    a reminder that this festival must end.

    If I look to the heavens and concentrate
    the image of our family
    dances behind my eyes.
    Before my plans can be formed
    in infancy
    reality's cold reason floods my brain.

    'Don't think about it.
    Just set it adrift, then leave.'
    My hands clench as the idea races
    just like a jerky marionette,
    seen on the Bunraku stage.

    With a rush of enlightenment
    and the idea of being liberated
    from this world,
    I come up with a plan.
    But without consent,
    my leg moves forward;
    first the right, then the left.

    Pulled forward by some bodhisattva
    I push the lantern downstream.
    Watching the red covering
    and wire ribs hold shape.
    It's too late to go after it -
    reality has won this round.

    Frozen and unable
    to chase the lead
    all I do is kneel on the ground.
    From what I recall
    the downed-out whispers
    buzzed about what they thought
    was an animal's cry.