• Flitter little hummingbird
    Living, dying, free.
    Tiptoe through my tulips
    Out the window, you I see

    You’re nature’s subtle drummer boy
    The steel drum that’s your heart,
    Creates a constant thrumming sound
    Composed of different parts

    I envy you, the hummingbird
    I wish I had your heart,
    I wish that mine was strong enough
    To never fall apart

    I wish that I could flap my arms
    So fast that I could fly,
    I wish that I could dance and live
    With you up in the sky.

    But then I start to wonder
    If your heart so tough and strong,
    Is tired from the beatings
    That it’s taking all day long

    And I’ve never seen a lady bird
    Or Chiclets fly with you,
    I wonder if you’re all alone
    And your heart is hurting too