• the pain in love is unbearable because when you love someone you do things that are hard to do.

    the love in pain is inexplicable because when you do these things you show that your love is true.

    the pain I felt for you makes me wonder if we were meant to be together at all.
    because your never there to catch me if I fall.

    yet despite theses feelings you've kept me on my toes head over heals in love.
    because to me your an angel sent to me from above.

    you always do me wrong you always do me right.&& I'm sitting here wondering if its even worth the fight.

    I'll love you till the end and you know that.

    yet I don't think that we'll be together long enough to show it.

    so I'm sitting here writing out my feelings in this letter.

    because I thought writing them out would make me feel better.

    but I'm sitting here shedding tears because I'm torn.

    and right now i can't take it anymore.I can't continue my life like this for a second more.

    I love you so much but its over