• running through the rain
    Splashing at my feet
    Thoughts clouded in pain
    Racing down the streets

    The time goes by
    Oh please just stop!
    Wishing I could fly
    Wishing all would stop

    Turning the corner
    Wondering if anyone'll hear
    My heart beating like thunder
    Blood rushing through my ear

    Memories of her
    Flooding my thoughts
    In a forever slumber
    Please time
    Just stop!

    The visions still remain
    As I cross another street
    Even in the rain
    I wonder if we'll meet

    Will I be there soon?
    Oh god another minute!
    Quickly racing through
    Splashing those within it

    Street after street
    Corner after corner
    Wishing we could meet
    Hoping not to mourn her

    Almost there
    So very close
    Prickling at my hair
    Sweat down my nose

    I promised I'd be there
    She said just to hurry
    I promise that I care
    Even filled with furry

    Furry at my slowness
    Couldn't I be faster?
    The hospital's so close!
    Why can't I run faster?

    The clock strikes again
    My heart still beating rapidly
    Oh god just let it end!
    Why does this have to be?

    The lights call for me
    Bursting through the door
    Where on earth is she?
    What'd she need me for?

    A doctor nearby
    Brings me to a room
    I hear a muffled cry
    I hear a women coo

    I knew I was too late
    I flinch as I open the door
    But her face shows no pain
    As I look up from the floor

    My baby, our baby
    Held within her arms
    Sleeping so quietly
    Soft withing her arms