• I am a tree
    In that way I've realized that I touch others
    although standing still
    And stand tall, my branches reach further
    I am special
    I have the ability to touch the lives of she and he
    without ever moving
    For I am a tree
    And this ability was given me naturally
    I've learned to even reach those out of range
    It was odd at first, even strange
    But when I realized my leaves were needed
    to shield some from the rain
    my leaves were no longer restrained
    Also in the winter time I trained
    to help them gain
    my source of shelter
    from whatever the weather
    including shade from the sun that swelters

    I attempt to relieve prey of their predators
    by creating ripples in inconvenient places
    They escape to the safest of places

    I help as much I can
    I lend a branch
    I send out leaves
    I touch other trees
    This is my life
    until man comes...
    and ends me