• Last goodbye

    I look up at the sky
    Tears like blood streaming when I cry
    And ev'rytime I see those damn green eyes
    I grow numb
    I want to die

    That damn fool
    Played tug-o-war with my heart
    He let go
    I fell and broke apart

    And he left me there picking up the pieces
    Shards of glass

    Him on his stupid pink phone
    Said he was sorry
    Only cause he didn't want to be alone

    So there we were in a blissful make up
    A short term break from our break-up

    'Til one day I was over his place
    He called me stupid
    I yelled "So's your face"

    I was sickened but so in love
    I'd sit in bed and wonder why
    Then he called me up
    Trying to apologize

    He asked me to come back to him
    But I declined
    In my head played flashbacks-
    Of every time he'd made me cry

    So with a brave smile and a tear stained cheek
    I kissed him lightly and tried not to cry
    When the tears did fall I embraced him tightly
    And whispered "This is our Last Goodbye."