• why?
    why did i give you my heart?
    so you can shread it?
    throw it in my face?
    so you can laugh at me?
    so you can tug me around on a chain?
    so that i can think i am worthless?
    that no matter how hard i tried i cant save no one?
    that no one is safe around me?
    that i should bend in obedience?
    never will i ever bend
    never will i give you that power
    ur not the one laughing, i am
    that you think you got me
    that i will break down
    that my soul will turn balck
    i will never cry for a man
    at least someone like you
    someone who needs to cry for themselves
    no, i might feel sorry
    only because im somewhat human
    that deep down you have raisen a demon long forgotten
    a demon that i greet with open arms
    to take away my pain and fill me with haterd
    a demon that you wil never forget