• Still and silent sounds in air.
    The ground is crisp and light brown
    the day of the first snowfall.

    All silence ends.

    The first fluffy flakes fall from afar
    - they come from so very far -
    and float on a chilled wind to the ground.

    Then, one day, the blizzard.
    The sky takes on the ground's old tint.
    Rushing air whips wet white winter
    to cover everything.

    All storms end.

    All around is white.
    Made more marvelous by the youthful spirits of the children
    (and the young at heart).

    All peace ends.

    The short illusion slowly fades.
    Weather warms, magic melts,
    ice becomes an enemy.

    What was once beautiful and white slowly turns
    yellow, brown, black,
    And slowly disappears.

    Gone away till another day.
    Waiting far above in silence.

    All silence ends.