• There is horrid war,
    That started long ago,
    A war 'tween good and bad,
    Evil never lets it go.

    The war will rage on,
    Through darkness and through light.
    We can never hide,
    We all will have to fight.

    Chances are we will lose.
    Equal, that we'll win.
    The only question that remains,
    Is which side you are in.

    Will you give up,
    And let evil win the war?
    Or will you fight the darkness,
    Fight it to the core?

    Each side has it's pros and cons,
    They are different in every way.
    The dark side will abandon you,
    Good keeps you through the day

    You must decided right now,
    For there is no side of gray.
    Good or bad, you must follow,
    But good will find a way.

    The evil will come,
    To fight the good within us.
    But we all have to ask,
    Will we let it kill us?

    The war of good and evil,
    Is fought in all the hours.
    Will you choose the evil side,
    Or will you choose ours?

    The world is full of battles,
    Iraq and many places.
    But not a one as deadly,
    As the ones shown on our faces.