• Kiss the beggar and stall your ride,
    Just for five more minutes smoking up time,
    Toss aged change to the filthy sidewalk,
    Pray for the restroom to be unoccupied again,

    Scuff your worn down shoes and soles,
    As we shuffle down these old New York streets,
    Touch lamposts and sigh once again so,
    Streetlights sing their bitter unforgiveness aloud,

    Calculators begin to whine and bite,
    The printers are screaming out their Hamlet,
    Increase the volume and walk outside,
    As the computer explodes with finality in this,

    What would you do for two more joints,
    Would you take your own lovers' eyes to sell out,
    Leave me blinded on a dark street corner,
    And laugh as you get high when the morning is,

    Drugs are my arch-enemy tonight,
    We battle relentless for some affection now,
    See the sparkles as they fade away,
    Come twilight and show their bitter truth,

    Keys slicked and they stall away from,
    The awkward lies and truths they whisper of,
    Internet community is hungry for demise,
    Personal tragedy of a public death and humility,

    I'm sitting between your own two bars,
    Meeting you in limbo never really occured at all,
    Tie my hands behind my back and cry,
    As you sell away the only thing you ever had,

    Wait for that single dream tonight when,
    I am grasping for your shaking hands and smiling,
    Sob as I turn my back upon you and walking,
    Out into the sunlight in these concrete cells we lay,

    Will you cry with me tonight as I stumble,
    Or are you going to be drunk again with your pain,
    Let me out of here, I'm not really breathing,
    Cold steel smites the blood I'm losing in a rage,

    Touch your knife to my aching skin again,
    Laugh with ease and turn out flickering last light now,
    Run your hands up and down my coarse back,
    As I shift away from you and run to the other side here,