• Hey there baby
    life is not easy
    here I am alone
    in my darkness
    writeing you letters
    trying to calm my shakeing hands
    tanlents in me have grown weak
    from the lack of repition
    this I know for I have seen
    I am not like I once was
    but it not permanant
    for I have grown weak in my days
    not only my tanlents but me, myself.
    for long days wasted in bed dearly in pain
    but it shall pass as all pains due and I will be back again
    better than I once was.
    But yet one thing was grown
    oh yes baby its my heart
    for it not alone
    it is with your tonight today and tomorrow and on
    for I remember a time long ago when I was
    not wanting to show my heart so willing to pass on this
    pain of love that comes in goes
    a pain that make me angry
    makes me bitter
    but a heart in your arms cant stay so shallow
    oh no it plunges into that love
    and baby I am a million feet deep
    for I love you with a passion burning strong and bold
    but even thought there live a pain ever so
    I stay strong in my bitterness, and thought the lagging passage of time, it will become whole if shattered.
    but atlas the heart is still active
    it has not grown weak oh no
    it still loves you even in a harsh time
    a heart breaking moment
    it still love you it hasnt grown weak oh no
    but yet it still feels pain like no other
    but yet it can still break like stone that never withers
    but tumbleing ever so into something more strong and bold
    evil in itself that can cursh the good
    oh yes it is strong and never breaking but can be broken
    but yet in this pain I have but one other thing to say
    I shall love you even if its torn apart
    for every piece will belong to you.
    for every piece shall love you
    that why it is something unbreakable but can be broken
    but do not threat for
    I love you.