• Every moment said to be done
    Every second said to be past
    Every day once there now vanished

    She sits alone looking for someone
    Looking for help
    Looking, and Looking, and looking.
    But still she’s alone
    She waits, she hopes
    But cries on these lonely days .

    So many people there.
    So many people there.
    And yet all Strangers.
    Though they’ve been going to
    The same school for so long
    There all strangers.

    None of them ask if she’s ok ,
    When they can tell something’s
    Wrong. None of them care.
    They all just go on with life
    As though she is invisible,
    And doesn’t matter.

    The pain she goes through
    The sadness she feels.
    The tiring days and long
    Lonely nights.

    She never rests
    The sleep she needs is still not
    Gotten… For how can someone
    So sad… So Lonely, even think
    To sleep? How can someone so left
    Behind… so Invisible even feel as though
    She matters in the world..

    They never even new… How could
    They… How could they know that something
    So horrible could happen.. If only they asked her
    If only they had one more chance to make
    Everything right… If only they new before
    It was to late.

    Would they change? Would
    They even care anymore then they
    Did? Or would everything be the same?

    Know she’s gone no more chances to be given
    Know more time for them…
    Nothing left to be done except
    Realize they were the once who did this
    Who brought her to her end.
    Every day leaving her to die slowly and alone.

    Every moments done
    Every seconds past
    Every day vanished.