• How am i supposed to explain
    All of these feelings i am feeling inside
    Love,happiness,and the butterflies in my stomach
    All of these feelings i am feeling
    I have never felt before
    But all of that changed when i met you
    You are all i ever think about
    The only person i want to see and hear
    The only one that really matters in my life
    You are the only one
    Whom i'd give everything for
    And die for
    You are everything i have ever wanted out of life
    The only person that makes me smile,laugh,and really happy
    You are the brightest light in my life
    The only shining star in my heart
    The one and only owner of my heart and life
    I love you with all of my heart
    And that will never change
    You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
    And the only thing that i ask of you
    Is to meet you in person
    To tell you everything i am feeling
    That i will love you forever
    And that you hopefully feel the same way for me