• It is like water, rain from the grey clouds, so heavy with bitter guilt, with sorrow and pain, both mental and emotional.
    It seeps into the skin, so you can not feel it, but you know its there, just on the tip of reality, just on the edge of your dreams, clouding them with grey darkness.
    Sure there is still light, tainted and shattered against the clouds that show no where, but within the eyes.
    Yet are felt deep into the soul.
    Makes you want to cry.
    Somedays, makes you want to scream.
    But all you give to the world is a smile, and a sparkle of the eyes.
    Maybe even a sunny laugh, to hide the storm that rages so heartlessly within your thoughts, dreams, even in your heart and soul.
    Yet, The more clouds you have, the more sliver lining you can find.
    So keep your head up, and your eyes looking ever more, for that sliver lining within the dark clouds of saddness.