• i want to die,
    i want to scream,
    i want to drown in a bowl of ice cream.
    i want to cry, but wonder why. . . .
    why these emotions keep on messing with me

    i want to cry, but i ran out of tears.
    or is it because, of all of my fears?

    there's something wrong, mentally.
    is there something to fix it?

    just give me a pill,
    and i'll take it down quickly...
    but after i take it, what will the out come be?

    will i be numed out?
    will i be able to feel?
    will i be able to seperate what's
    fake and what's real?

    but if i can't do that,
    i'll be back at square one.
    it cant become fixable,
    even after all that's been done...

    so if i died,
    so if i screamed,
    or even,just even,
    drowned in a bowl of ice cream,
    it will do nothing but keep the emotions at bay...
    and sometimes my tears wont be as calm as they seem. . . .