• Verse 1.
    Walking down the street feeling blue.
    I'm not very sure of what to do.
    Life on this planet is unexplainable,
    but you still ask, what I'm doing.
    So if I disappear overnight. You have to
    promise not to have fright. So when I go,
    Ill let you know. When I leave.

    Pre Chorus.
    So I'll let you know when I feel
    down so you can lift me up from
    the ground. But because you boss me around,
    I'm sick and tired of this.

    Just because you can tell me what to do
    doesn't mean your my family. Trying to tell me
    what good to do. Just because your in my life and
    I see you everyday doesn't mean I have to love you,
    so when you leave, don't look back. Don't look back.

    Verse 2.
    I loved when we were together, now I'm tortured.
    You blabber on about useless things. I'm bored
    of your talking about football games. I'd rather go
    out with my friends. Your telling me, I don't listen
    or care. But I can now proudly say, that's true!

    (Pre Chorus)