• Through all the pain in my life,
    I could relate perfectly, to a butterfly's cocoon.
    I started out an ugly little caterpillar.
    Only ones who studied deep inside me could see the real me.
    You started out like a little kid ,
    You take one look at the caterpillar and you become discusted.
    And you run away,
    Leaving the poor caterpillar, that didn't do a thing,
    On the wet leaf it was sitting on.
    Alone, and defenseless.
    So, like the caterpillar,
    I curl up into my cocoon,
    Isolated from the rest of the world,
    Basically safe from any harms or threats.
    I stay in my dark, cramped cocoon.
    I am afraid of the outside world,
    I cannot control what God decides to do to me,
    Or what others may do to me.
    But I stay inside my cocoon,
    Days past by me, and I'm still in isolation.
    Blocked off from the world and its cruel sins,
    But also blocked off from the worlds love?
    Happiness and joy?
    I never knew of these things because,
    I never enhanced them.
    They only judge by looks,
    And no one ever gave me a chance.
    So I still stayed in my cocoon.
    In the isolation stage,
    I knew I had to go in,
    Because I needed time to think.
    Think about me, and you, and the world.
    I was scared.
    The sun shined on the silky surface,
    Signaling me to break free of this concealment.
    I struggled in this process,
    Trying to rip open the silk and look past my flaws,
    My flaws,
    No one is there to help.
    It's just me, struggling, straining,
    And I see you.
    You see me.
    You offer me a hand,
    You offer to help me get out of this cocoon,
    And fly free.
    I don't take your help,
    And I do make it out.
    I break free out of the solitude of my cocoon,
    And I become a beautiful butterfly.
    I spread my wings, not quite used to them yet,
    Still cautious,
    I turn around.
    I didn't need your help out of the pain.
    I had the power in myself to do it.
    You were the main cause of this dark period,
    And I couldn't forgive you for it.
    I knew you only offered a hand because you wanted the new me,
    Not what was inside before.
    I changed over that long time,
    But you didn't.
    I spread my wings and flew away,
    And forgot about the misery.
    And forgot about you.
    This caterpillar is now a beautiful butterfly,
    Living a happy,
    Loved life.