• that girl.

    in mid-september, you set me free.
    we went our separate ways.
    until the day i could hardly see,
    and realized my love for you still strays.

    i felt so foolish for letting you go,
    although it was i who was set free.
    i knew somehow i had to get you to know
    that you are the one for me.

    i had a plan, hoping you would see.
    i hoped she would make you see i'm the one you need.
    i hoped you would not disagree.
    and then through the crowed we would take our lead.

    the plan was so great.
    i thought that it was pure success.
    i hoped you would come back through that gate.
    and then i would once again, have the best.

    she walked up to you and asked why you let me go.
    you glanced at her and i knew you were hooked once you saw that girl.
    you smiled and starred at her for quite some while.
    then you said that you didn't know.

    that girl walked away.
    behind her you followed.
    i knew everything was forever changed that day.
    i realized i must have taken a wrong turn at the crossroad.

    it appeard to me my plan was no success.
    i felt so stupid for thinking she would make you love me.
    you are so hard to impress
    i could not make you see.

    i wanted to run up to you with wide, open arms.
    i wanted to spill out my feelings for you.
    as i sat in class, in my head, i heard the alarms.
    they screamed at me saying it would be that girl and you.

    i tried not to cry.
    i tried not to care.
    i tried not to be shy.
    i tried to quite wishing you were there.

    as i walked in the halls, there you stood.
    hugging her like you would hug me.
    everything was so misunderstood.
    inside, i was so sad and angry.

    i wish i never talked to that girl.
    i wish i never let her do this to us.
    i wish you didn't treat her like a pearl.
    i wish i didn't make this such a fuss.

    does that girl complete you?
    does she love you like i do?
    does she know you're the one i love?
    does she know she was why to the side, i was shoved?

    do you know you broke my heart?
    do you know i love you dearly?
    did you intened on hurting me from the start?
    i'm not seeing so clearly.

    later that day, you called that girl.
    she had a choice and told you goodbye.
    it took you a while to know you lost your pearl.
    and you couldn't take it so you asked: why?

    "i broke the heart of an innocent lover.
    she loved you maybe more than life itself.
    go back to her and rediscover
    the love you had for her within yourself."

    that girl spoke words i never thought would be said.
    you hung up the phone, confussed and destroyed.
    you did not care that i was here and told me love was dead.
    i lay here, crying, because our love has been denied.

    that girl changed our lives.
    i lost my lover in the process.
    i sit here and mope as reality arrives.
    it tells me repeatedly, "this plan was no success."